I Found Some Hope in a Newspaper Article That I Read


I was reading an article one day when I learned about a Sacramento chiropractor who does some great work on some high-powered executives in the area. The article explained that a lot of CEOs have to work grueling hours, and they often have a lot of ailments like back troubles that they need help with. Apparently, this particular guy had made a great name for himself in the area because he brings results to his customer. I was thinking that his prices might be high because he does such a good job, but it didn’t turn out that way at all. His prices are affordable and he helped me just as well as he does everyone else.

I’m only in my 40s, and it was frustrating to feel like I’m actually in my 70s. I could not lift or move things like most people my age can. If I lifted something too heavy, it would end up throwing my back out for a week or so. It’s embarrassing to be at work when you have to stand back and tell your female coworkers that the only man in the room could not help them move something because of my back. The women would all look at one another with annoyed glances, and I would stand there feeling sheepish and embarrassed. I felt like an old man.

I decided to call the office of the guy that I read about to inquire about pricing and getting an appointment. I figured that he would be able to offer me some sort help, but I didn’t expect him to provide me with complete relief. I no longer walk around hunched over with my hand on the small of my back once every month or so. I feel good. My back feels good. I feel proud again, and most of all, I feel like I’m the physical age that I really am now, too.